The journey of “The Casserole” started way back in 2004 when Joby K.M. the founder started dreaming of one exclusive specialty restaurant in his hometown Poochackal. While he was working in the Middle East with Sodexho- a leading restaurant chain worldwide, he got obsessed with the quality, quickness and authenticity of the food served along the chain.


Poochackal being a small town in the map of the world, most of his friends discouraged him about the idea of starting an exclusive restaurant. But that was the main reason for Joby to lay foundation for “The Casserole”. In his hometown he felt the need of a good restaurant where families can come together, kids can play around, small gatherings can be conducted and the local people get a taste of the world too. The casserole comes with professional quality combined with authentic traditional and tasty foods, whether it be restaurant service, banquets or be it an outdoor catering for an occasion. Come, Enjoy and be a part of “The Casserole” family…..