About the company

Cristal was started in 2009. Cristal is the 1st & foremost company, started by Joby K M managing director of Launmark India Pvt Ltd., from Laundry service, the company started focusing on the Laundry machinery production by 2011. Cristal started manufacturing laundry machines for wholesale and bulk orders, for other Companies. Company’s commitment to the customers and the standard machinery makes cristal to step into the production of medium / commercial laundry machines. Thus company grows and started working in multiple angles like manufacturing laundry and medium laundry machinery.


Cristal was started by Joby K M, as a laundry service. When the industry started facing crisis, Cristal started manufacturing 10kg washing machines, in a small scale. Later the company’s commitment takes the produc􀆟on to the next level of manufacturing Industrial laundry machines. Now the company can manufacture any type of laundry machinery in any capacity, as per the client or customer request.


To make more advanced machinery, and it should be reliable to the Traders who can make business reputedly.