In 2008, Joby KM, the CEO of Launmark India Pvt Ltd, recognized the need for a perfectly organized laundry industry. And worked for a single company delivering laundry machines alongside the best services of the machines. His vision led to what quickly became one of India's leading laundry companies: Launmark India Pvt Ltd.

In 2008, he entered into the laundry industry by the installation of washing, spinning and drying laundry machine at his hometown. In 2009, Joby KM decides to sell the unwanted machines he has purchased because of the unorganized nature of this industry. And he has recognized the scope of selling the refurbished machines. There comes the birth of the Cristal. The continuous queries from the customers made him start selling new machines under the banner of the customized laundry company, the Cristal. So Mr. Joby KM has started his own laundry machines manufacturing unit at his home town, poochakkal, Ernakulam. Later on, he moved it to Coimbatore. Gradually, he has opened new factories at Noida and Ludhiana respectively.

The need drives Mr Joby KM to explore the possibility to widen his market. In 2014, he has started Launmark India Pvt Ltd, which sells three categories (premium, middle and lower range) of laundry machines and its services along with his consultancy.

Later on, Mr Joby KM has introduced CLM, a platform which offers the lowest and cheapest washing and spinning laundry machines, especially for dhobies. Now, he has flourished globally and sells machines for premium, middle and lower range customers under the name of Launmark, Cristal, and CLM respectively.

For more than 10 years, as lifestyles changes, Launmark has evolved with it. The willingness to adapt and grow has transformed his machines and services into the global level. Today, Launmark is one of India’s most-respected companies with products sold in more than 6 countries.

Launmark is also celebrated for its commitment to doing business the right way, integrating purpose into business strategy. He adopted a vision to maintain the uncompromising quality of the products along with the best services. The quality and sustainability that he focused on can be an even greater contributor to his success in the marketplace.


To continue making the best quality product and make a difference in the industry in all possible ways. And the introduction of fully automatic Robotic cabins and Robotic reception. The gradual growth level gives the confidence to aim 120 crores of companies across India. The company is planning to implement the dream of Crystal Institute for Drycleaning and Laundry Technology (CIDLT) and a mechanical institute for services in order to provide concrete knowledge in each section of laundry. And service training through all the stores. And also offers campus recruitment at the global level.