About the Company

Safna Joby as proprietorship, Joby K M founded CLM & Company in 2012. As a women entrepreneur Safna Joby holds the ownership and administration of CLM & Company. She is also the Director of Launmark India Pvt Ltd, Director of Launmark global LLP, One of the Directors in Launsmart Laundry & Dry-cleaning. Safna Joby was knowledgeable and has strong history in Laundry Industry.


Mrs. Safna Joby, the pillar of CLM & company working hard behind the growth of the company by handling regional and other branches. The role never limited to administration, her timely decisions and effective management strategies make the entire team most potential. And once again they prove that the team is the foundation of success.


CLM & Company starts its manufacturing from the lathe workshop. Where company built a professional laundry machines, and includes only basic features. Gradually company grabs the industrialists attention because those machinery where completely research and developed in India and also for its attractive price. Now, undoubtedly CLM is the manufacturer of Low Cost Laundry machines, who creates revolution in Laundry Industry of India.


The Ultimate aim of CLM & Company is to do mass production and export to Least Developed Countries of Africa and to make presence in African Countries, where still people are struggling to build a proper infrastructure. CLM machinery will be more affordable for those kinds of countries.